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REBELS / Victoria Deluxe  (Najaar 2022)

Brecht Vanhoenacker - Ann Peuteman

(Music composition)

Victoria Deluxe is collaborating with Ann Peuteman, Brecht Van Hoenacker and a group of people aged 75+ on 'REBELS', a documentary about ways in which the elderly try to keep control of their own lives as much as possible.

Vlaamse Overheid - Hulplijnen  / Boodschap van algemeen nut  /  TV - WEB 

(Music composition / ZAMAN Productions / DIRK DOMEN /  2020

Dit is wie wij zijn / Short Film  / WEB

(Music composition for short Film / Pascal Baillien / FABELFILM / 2020

Tabakstop /  TV

(Music composition for Commercial / Dirk Domen / / 2020

Losing is part of the game - Unibet / WEB

(Music composition for online commercial / Brecht Vanhoenacker / Caviar Brussels / 2019